About Cyberclass

What is the concept of this product?

This is a new Georgian online training platform, through which organizations can easily train employees in cyber security.

What is the purpose of cyberclass.ge?

In any public or private company, a person is a weak link in cyber security. Organizations need to constantly ensure employee awareness. Our training platform will help organizations to manage this process more easily and efficiently. The information/content posted on our online platform is entirely in Georgian, which will allow employees at any level of the organization to have a solid understanding of information and cyber security in order to protect themselves and the organization from hacker attacks in the future.

Information security awareness online platform

How did the idea for this product come and why is it needed today?

We have been cooperating with both the private and public sectors for many years. All of our partner organizations have had the problem of raising employee awareness in the area of cyber security. This is also a global trend. Physical training requires the mobilization of quite large human and financial resources. Also important is the issue of logistics – if the organization operates across the country, it is necessary to gather people in one place to conduct training. There are already many similar platforms in English. We analyzed their capabilities, examined the negative and positive characteristics of each of them. Finally, we have created a digital product that, considering all the shortcomings of existing foreign platforms, offers our clients an online course on information security of the highest quality and efficiency.

What benefits does cyberclass.ge offer to potential users?
We offer our customers easily comprehensible content, enriched with visual materials and videos, which in the shortest time provides awareness of information security to their company employees. Cyberclass content related to various cyber security topics is now ready. Anyone can browse the demo course, which includes part of the full course materials. Our team is constantly updating content to keep up with the latest trends and requirements of partner organizations.
In addition, the platform has an automated testing system. We have a large, up-to-date database of questions. The automated system ensures that the training participants are provided with questions and their answers on a random basis. All this will be a guarantee of credibility for the partner organizations that their employees have passed the current online course thoroughly, thoughtfully and result-oriented.
How will organizations check the level of knowledge acquisition of employees?
In addition to testing, we check the ability to put knowledge into practice by simulating a real cyber attack. We offer clients different scenarios of attack. We also want to emphasize that the system has a convenient reporting system that allows the organization to track the progress of its employees over time. We offer clients not a one-time training, but 1-year access to the platform – during this period it is possible to conduct cycles of training, testing and cyber attacks.

How long does it take to complete the training?
Clearly, much depends on the individual and other factors. Our platform is tailored to business needs. Through visual and easily comprehensible content, we have minimized training time. At the same time, our platform allows content to be agreed with a specific customer. If an organization deems it necessary for its employees to go through some topics due to its needs, we can remove these topics.
What are the future plans for the product?
We want to add various new functionalities to the platform. We already have positive feedback from our current users, though we are not going to stop at the achievement. In addition, we plan to expand from the Georgian market to the entire Caucasus. We know there is a need for our product in other countries as well.

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