Cyber Hygiene Platform

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With a large database of tests, you will check the level of mastery of various issues by users, and even a cyber-attack simulation will help you detect a weak link. Convenient reporting allows you to monitor employee progress over time.


Social engineering


Smartphone security

Privacy and social media

Remote working

Password policy

Secure browsing

.Clear desk and clear screen policy

Working with Network Resources & Wi-Fi

Security incidents

Information classification


ISO 27000, NIST, SOC, GDPR key components of international standards

Reducing the risks posed by the human factor

Cost-effective use of human resources

Constantly updated and easy-to-understand content


#1. Train your employees

Help your employees to better understand information security issues and protect their work and personal digital space. Your employees will cover issues that are part of their daily life, including smartphone and email security, password management and social networking privacy issues.

#2. Simulate a cyber attack

Your employees will know what methods hackers use, will be able to identify potential threats in cyberspace and use appropriate techniques to avoid them through the simulation of cyber-attacks based on real scenarios. In practice you can see how your customers use the theoretical knowledge gained through the training.

#3. View and analyze the results

in the area of cyber security. This is also a global trend. Physical training requires the mobilization of quite large human and financial resources. Also important is the issue of logistics – if the organization operates across the country, it is necessary to gather people in one place to conduct training. There are already many similar platforms in English. We analyzed their capabilities, examined the negative and positive characteristics of each of them. Finally, we have created a digital product that, considering all the shortcomings of existing foreign platforms, offers our clients an online course on information security of the highest quality and efficiency.






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